Home Inspection Services

One of the unique services that Procraft Construction offers is professional home inspection services. This added bonus promises our clients the assurance and peace of mind that every job we undertake will be done correctly and to code.

Before we undertake any project, our owner and construction professional Willy Freeman uses his home inspection knowledge to complete a thorough analysis and provide a quote which is accurate, detailed and complete. Using his home inspection background, he takes a serious look at the areas directly affected by the project so he knows exactly what he's getting into. This inspection takes into consideration the existing conditions of your home and applies it to the scope and impact of the construction or renovation project. What this means to you is that a job done by Procraft is done right, meeting all building code and safety requirements. We don't take short cuts and will settle for nothing less than outstanding quality of work.

General FAQ about Home Inspections

How long does the average home inspection take and what is involved?

The average home inspection is completed in about 2-3 hours. We recommend that the homeowner be present throughout the process to get a first-hand description of any problems that might be detected and so that our inspector can answer questions as to how they may or may not impact the project you wish to begin. At the end of the process, you will receive a detailed report on the property.

What types of things are examined during a home inspection?

The purpose of the inspection is to give homeowners a thorough examination on the state of their property from top to bottom. In the case of renovations or additions, we may hone in only on the area which will be impacted during the project.

• Roofing
• Property exterior
• Overall structural condition
• Windows, insulation and overall efficiency
• Electrical systems
• Heating and air conditioning systems
• Plumbing
• Interior

Why do I need an inspection?

Your home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime, so protecting that investment by having a home inspection just makes sense. There are several reasons why you would get an inspection:

a) Selling your home

Prior to putting your home on the market for sale, a home inspection is a logical exercise for sellers to undertake to help determine the fair market value of a home and address any potential issues.

b) Buying a Home

New Home Build
Builders are required to give homeowners a pre-delivery home inspection prior to gaining procession of a new home. During this time, the purchaser can do a thorough room-to-room inspection to identify areas of concern and help with any warranty issues that may arise later.

Pre-Owned Home Purchase or Pre-Renovation Inspection
Before you begin any renovation, it is important to evaluate the condition or your home so that our team can get a feel for the condition of the home and uncover any potential surprises that could impact the construction process. In short, this gives us a place to start and allows us to design and build with confidence.

Health & Safety Inspection
This inspection can detect any possible hazards in your home that may endanger your family's health and safety or deteriorate the value of your home. This can include testing for such things as mould or asbestos. If we detect any areas of concern, Procraft is experienced in handling issues and can offer advice on how to make it right. For further information on pricing, please contact us.